What is Therma-flo?™

Therma-flo™ is a molding and polymer analysis method and software that measures and displays the material properties of a plastic melt in actual molding conditions.

This molding and polymer analysis software uses a patented and proprietary method for mapping the actual injection molding characteristics of a polymer melt while flowing through a mold. Using the latest Therma-flo 2.1 software, you can view polymer behavior in easy to understand graphical outputs.

This polymer analysis is conducted using real injection molding conditions over a range of temperatures, cavity wall thicknesses, and melt flow front velocities in a cavity.

Why Should You Use Therma-flo?

Therma-flo makes it easy to analyze and compare the molding characteristics of polymer melts. Using this software you can

  • Compare and quantify the difference between competing materials
  • Quickly evaluate the impact of wall thickness on fill pressure
  • Evaluate a material’s flow sensitivity to temperature
  • Contrast molding viscosity to imported traditional viscosity vs. shear rate data
  • Relate the material characteristics to an actual mold and molding machine, easing the translation to and from your shop floor

How Does Therma-flo Capture Data?

Therma-flo is part of a fully integrated test cell that includes our proprietary tooling, a high-performance injection molding machine with specially developed controls, and a high speed data-collection system.

Our patented method evaluates a polymer’s flow behavior through a wide range of cavity geometries. The plastic melt is characterized through multiple molding channels at up to 10 injection rates and multiple melt temperatures. Flow velocity and melt pressures are captured directly through our highly instrumented tooling.

Specialized cartridges allow characterization of thin-wall and micro-molding, high-flow materials such as LCPs, and we also offer a dedicated automotive analysis.

How Does the Software Work?

The Therma-flo polymer molding analysis software provides a user friendly interface that allows the user to graphically display molding characteristics of a single material, or simultaneously contrast multiple materials under your specified conditions

The easy to interpret graphical data allows you to evaluate the influence of melt temperature, injection rate, and wall thickness on fill pressure for your material or materials.

Therma-Flo Test

+$1,622.00 PER MATERIAL

$154 discount for 2-9 materials. $412 discount for 10+ materials.

Therma-Flo Confidentiality Charge



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