Beaumont Advanced Processing's Lab offers plastic material characterization and data fitting services that are required for the successful application of Autodesk® Moldflow® and Helius® software packages.

If you do not have properly characterized material data, your simulation results will not be accurate, or most importantly - useful. How can you simulate molding conditions using material data that is incomplete, out of date, or inadequately evaluated?

Accurately characterizing your material will give you more accurate simulation results, leading to stronger predictions, greater confidence in the manufacturability of your designs, decreased time to market, and less time spent on troubleshooting.

Learn more about Beaumont Advanced Processing's Moldflow Material Characterization.

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Beaumont, in close cooperation with Autodesk and their development group, offer Moldflow’s highest level “Gold” certification Moldflow material characterization tests. These tests include both specialized proprietary Autodesk methods as well as more conventional material characterization techniques.

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