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Beaumont Advanced Processing (BAP) offers comprehensive services to the plastic injection molding industry, including Material Characterization, Production Molding, Test Specimen Molding, Tooling Services, Mold Sampling, and Consulting. BAP is recognized as a company with rigorous standards for its injection molded products and services as well as its workforce. Over 70% of BAP’s employees are degreed plastics engineers, and the company also enacts individual development plans for every full-time employee.

Beaumont Advanced Processing is an ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified organization and also offers cleanroom injection molding that is classified to Class 8 standards per ISO 14644-1:2015 guidelines.

Material Characterization

Beaumont Advanced Processing (BAP) provides plastic material characterization services that are required for the successful application of Autodesk® Moldflow® and Helius® software packages, as well as its own proprietary Therma-flo™ polymer analysis method and software.
BAP works closely with Autodesk and their development group and is the preferred partner for material characterization services in North America and Europe. BAP provides Moldflow’s highest level “Gold” material characterizations.
Therma-flo™ measures and displays the material properties of a plastic melt in actual molding conditions. The user can view polymer behavior in easy to understand graphical outputs.

moldflow material characterization
test specimen molding


BAP offers a wide range of injection molding services to help our customers with their troubleshooting and production molding. Our team of plastics engineers has extensive real-world experience with injection molding, product development, mold design, part design, and quality control.
Our presses range from 3 U.S. Tons to 330 U.S. Tons and they support shot sizes from 0.1 oz. to 20.86 oz.
Beaumont Advanced Processing is an ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified organization and we also offer ISO Class 8 Cleanroom injection molding.

test specimen molding

Test Specimen Molding

Our test specimen molding capabilities include a wide range of ASTM test specimens and ISO test specimens in addition to custom projects.
We realize that the properties of plastic materials are significantly influenced by how they are molded and handled. All of our test specimens are molded in high-precision molding cells dedicated to producing plastic test specimens to the highest industry standards.

test specimen molding
Mold Sampling


Our 7000+ sq ft tooling facility is dedicated to the design and development of precision injection mold tooling.


Beaumont’s team of degreed plastics engineers has extensive experience in the injection molding industry. We have partnered with plastics companies to troubleshoot problems during every phase of the injection molding process, from part design through injection molding.
We can provide research and development as an extension of your own company, transfer mold filling simulation results from the computer to the shop floor, and help you solve nearly any plastic part issue that you face.


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