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ERIE, Pa.-- Beaumont and Autodesk have agreed to lease equipment from the Autodesk Moldflow Material Characterization Lab in Australia to Beaumont Advanced Processing’s Material Characterization Lab in Cranesville, Pennsylvania. The leased equipment will be recalibrated, maintained, and operated by Beaumont and will nearly double Beaumont’s ability to provide material characterization that meets Autodesk’s high standards for their global customers. This comes after Autodesk announced the discontinuation of material characterization services through the lab in early 2024, making Beaumont their preferred laboratory for Moldflow material characterization.

Beaumont, which is already a global provider in the injection molding industry, will expand its operations in the United States to meet an increased demand for material characterization services from regions previously serviced by Autodesk. “We are very excited about expanding our capabilities and services as a global material characterization provider. Since taking over the testing in North America back in 2017, we have learned so much and have continually strived to provide the highest quality of characterization while minimizing delivery time to our customers,” says Alex Beaumont, Vice President.

In 2017, Beaumont Advanced Processing became Autodesk’s preferred vendor to provide material characterization services for Autodesk Moldflow in the United States. “Since then, [Beaumont] has and continues to exceed our customers’ expectations where the time has come to take the next step in the partnership,” said Autodesk in a statement.

Beaumont Advanced Processing’s Material Characterization Lab Manager Jacob Trott is looking forward to providing a smooth transition for Autodesk customers who choose Beaumont as their vendor for material characterization services. He says, “Since the Ithaca lab transition in 2017, the relationship between the Beaumont Material Characterization Division and Autodesk Moldflow Plastics Labs has been seamless. We have been able to maintain a transparent level of service, offering the same testing packages, and then some. Our flexibility has allowed us to invest heavily in this service, updating essentially every piece of equipment.”

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