At Beaumont Advanced Processing, we are consistently evaluating our workflows to pinpoint areas of improvement that enable us to better meet the needs of our customers.

One major component is the equipment we use in our facilities. When purchasing new equipment, we are not simply looking to fill space or find a status symbol. “We listen to our customers’ needs and identify any gaps in our present offering,” says Eric Bowersox, Director. “Recognizing these gaps allows us the opportunity to step up, make the changes, and better meet the needs of our customers. We recently purchased three new machines that are perfect examples of how we do just that.” BAP is happy to share that the following new machines have been added to our facilities.


Trak1845RLX Toolroom Lathe

With the Trak1845RLX Lathe now in our toolroom, we can turn up 10” diameter parts. Previously, this work would have needed to be outsourced, which would typically add 2 weeks to our overall delivery time. We also outfitted the lathe with advanced programming and verification features that allow even the least experienced operator to program from a DXF file, 3D verify, and finally hand track their program to check for errors and accuracy. Tooling Division Production Manager Brian Descher stated, “This new addition allows for greater flexibility and faster tooling turnaround, not only for our customers, but also internally for custom fixturing.”


130-ton Roboshot

Our Molding Division recently acquired an all-electric, 130-ton Roboshot with a mounted 3-Axis Servo Driven Yushin Robot. This new machine will fill a much needed gap in our current list of presses, not only in barrel size but also in height. The unique wide-range clamp availability allows us to run molds from 7 inches up to 26 inches in mold height. “This new machine enables us to expand our molding capacity and provide our services to new customers with molding needs,” commented Ryan Gustafson, Process Engineering Manager.


Crysta-Apex 776 CMM

BAP also purchased a new piece of measuring equipment through Willrich Precision Instrument Company. The Crysta-Apex 776 CMM is a high performance CMM that features high speed tactile measurements, with reliable accuracy to +/- 1.7 microns. Matt McWilliams, Quality Manager, notes: “This machine will let us freely set measurement paths along three-dimensional forms, enabling intricate workpieces to be measured along their curved surfaces and contours.”

Beaumont Advanced Processing is looking forward to bringing additional value to our customers with these new machines. Interested in working with us for your next injection molding project? Get in touch with us here!

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