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BAP Expands Material Characterization Division to New Facility

Beaumont Advanced Processing (BAP) is excited to announce we are expanding yet again. As of June 1st, 2022 our Material Characterization Division, which includes Test Specimen Molding, Therma-flo™, and Moldflow Material Characterization, will be moving to a new facility. The new location can be found 20 minutes away from the Beaumont headquarters in Erie, PA at: BAP Material Characterization Division 10524 Crosby Circle Cranesville, PA 16410 We ask that beginning June 1st, 2022, all shipments related to …

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BAP Expands with New Tooling Division

As of January 1st, 2022, Beaumont Advanced Processing [BAP], has acquired a new facility located in Sugar Grove, PA dedicated to the new Tooling Division. BAP now has over 7,000 square feet of spaced dedicated to the design and development of precision injection molding tooling. We now offer a stop shop for mold design, build, process validation, and production for our customers. In addition, we can provide quick repair options for existing production molds and …

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BAP Expands Production

Beaumont Advanced Processing is ramping up production with the new addition of a Sumitomo SE220EV-A-HD injection molding machine. The addition of this molding machine increases our overall production capability in the 200 to 300 ton press range. This growth was necessary in order to keep up with the production needs of our ever increasing customer base. If you are interested in our injection molding services, please contact us for a quote.  

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Beaumont Employee makes Pro Debut as Triathlete

Run, Matt. Run. One of Beaumont’s employees is doing big things outside of the injection molding world. Beaumont Advanced Processing’s Quality Manager, Matt McWilliams, recently made his professional in-person triathlon debut in Miami, FL at the Challenge Miami event. Our very own “Clark Kent” placed 19th, finishing only 11 minutes behind the winner (who is considered to be the top competitor in the sport globally). Prior to the race, Matt sat down with Bob Babba …

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Seeing the Good in Quality Systems

Eric Bowersox shares his background with quality systems, and how implementing them properly has helped BAP manage their rapid growth. – – – Quality. System. Two words that will make you cringe or make you smile. Based on what your past experiences with these systems have been, you will likely feel one of these extremes. In my own experience, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of quality systems. For this discussion, …

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BAP Never Stops Learning

Eric Bowersox, BAP’s Director of Operations, reflects on the benefits of continuing education and workforce development.   “Train your employees and they might leave. Don’t train them and they might stay.” I do not recall when I first heard this statement, but it is something that I have never forgotten. The lifeblood of any organization is its people. The people that show up to work and perform their tasks day-in and day-out are what allow …

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BAP featured in Plastics Machinery Magazine

Beaumont Advanced Processing was recently featured in Plastics Machinery Magazine in a discussion regarding purging compounds. “Cleaning injection molding machines between production runs has long been a vexing challenge. Machine downtime is costly. And if a purging compound doesn’t clean efciently, it leads to more downtime to remove machine components for cleaning or an increase in scrapped parts. Beaumont Advanced Processing addressed this challenge by using Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU), a mechanical purging compound designed …

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Beaumont Expands North American Sales Team

Beaumont is excited to announce the expansion of our North American sales team. We now have more faces in the field to help you solve your injection molding challenges and provide you with increased attention. For any of our customers who may have been working with multiple Beaumont reps for different product lines, each of our team members will now be able to assist you with all Beaumont and AIM products and services. In addition, …

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Measuring Viscosity: Capillary Rheometer vs. Injection Molding Rheometer

Thermoplastics viscosities are described as having a pseudo-plastic non-Newtonian behavior. This type of behavior means that as you push the material at a faster rate, the polymer exhibits a reduction in viscosity. There are two critical factors that affect the viscosity of plastics: temperature and shear rate. Capillary Based Systems In our material characterization lab we measure viscosity utilizing two primary, capillary based systems: Autodesk Moldflow Injection Molding Rheometer (IMR) and Capillary Rheometer. (We will …

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Beaumont Advanced Processing: Who Are We?

  When most of our industry thinks about Beaumont, the first thing that comes to mind is usually John Beaumont’s patented Meltflipper® technology. After all, that is our legacy product and what put Beaumont on the map. Many people are surprised to find out just how extensively Beaumont has developed over the last twenty-one years. Now, Beaumont has four companies under its umbrella: Beaumont Technologies (the former Beaumont Runner Technologies), Beaumont Development, Beaumont Advanced Processing, and the American …

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Beaumont’s Ben Ellis Wins Outstanding Young Injection Molding Engineer Award from SPE

Beaumont Advanced Processing’s Development Manager Ben Ellis has won the inaugural Outstanding Young Injection Molding Engineer (OYIME) Award from SPE‘s Injection Molding Division. This award “recognizes injection molding engineers age 35 or younger who have made exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the molding industry.” Ben has positively impacted more companies in his “short” career than many molders have the privilege of helping over a lifetime. His industry knowledge, aptitude for solving complex issues, and ability to communicate …

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Beaumont Advanced Processing Expands to Offer Cleanroom Molding

ERIE, PA – Beaumont Advanced Processing (BAP) ended 2018 by achieving a major milestone: the company passed its certification audit and is now offering cleanroom injection molding that is classified to Class 8 standards per ISO 14644-1:2015 guidelines. While the company is certified to ISO Class 8 standards, they are operating at a Class 6 particulate count. “This certification allows us to better serve our growing customer base, particularly those in the medical device industry” …

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